My favourite candles, ‘mandles’, ‘fancy smelling fire hazards’

I adore fragrance. Full stop.

Not just scenting myself but fragrancing my home and surroundings albeit with flowers, room sprays, the scent of just cut grass, the waft of a fragrance I have just applied, the steam from the shower when I have applied a beautiful essential oil, the smell of a roast dinner cooking – the list goes on.

Fabulous smells are one of the joys of life.

I LOVE candles. So I thought I would talk you through a few of my favourites.

Diptyque – Feu De Bois

This beautiful candle in ‘gris’ smoky glass is one of my ‘classic’ re-purchases from the legendary French perfume house Diptyque. It is woody and warm, it reminds me of a crackling fire and has an unusual smokiness. For me it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is I love to burn this candle any-time and it is such beautiful quality and creates an elegant ambience. It does contain one of the ingredients of the moment – tea! Lapsang tea to be precise which only deepens the wood and is reminiscent of fine cigars and whisky, such a lovely rich aroma. This size of candle will burn for up to 90 hours, it always burns clean if you look after it properly. Trim the wick and burn the candle for a minimum of two hours at a time so the wax melts completely on top of the candle and you will achieve the requisite burning time and the candle will always look beautiful (good care advice for most candles).

Feu De Bois - candle

Neom – Tranquility – English lavender, Sweet Basil & Jasmine

Neom is an amazing brand and this candle is one of many that I have used from Neom for their therapeutic qualities. I have a highly pressured job which can be stressful at times and I know that some of you may also experience pressures like me and may struggle to relax. A candle from Neom soothes the senses and soothes my soul. This candle contains 19 pure essential oils which have been expertly blended and when you smell it – wow! Breathe it in. Neom truly do produce ‘scent to make you feel good’ and this scent de-stresses, calms and relaxes you to have enough of a mood-changing benefit for your happiness and well-being. I can’t recommend them enough.

Neom also do beautiful bath and shower oils with the same therapeutic benefits so let me know if you would like to hear about them as they are heavenly, creating clouds of scented steam when used in the shower.

Neom - candle

Smoulder Wolf – Bourbon

Fancy smelling fire hazards‘, ‘scented candles for blokes‘, ‘scent leaves a lasting impression, let’s make it count‘, ‘mandles‘ not candles. You have to check out the website for Smoulder Wolf, it will make you screech with laughter – very clever. Sex Panther Cologne aka Anchor Man springs to mind….I am a woman and I have very stealthily gone under the radar and I absolutely covet these candles.

I have all of the available scents Smoulder Wolf currently produce (so if you would like to hear about the others I can comment in future posts) but Bourbon is my favourite.

Think of the most exquisite, sophisticated, classy perfume you own – the scent is soft, not clawing, exudes quality, scents a room gently but is noticeably present. Bourbon is spicy, woody with a touch of soft fruit. Reminiscent of Tom Ford private blend fragrances (if Tom Ford made a Bourbon fragrance like this I will be the first in the queue!) – stunning! These candles come in a whisky tumbler and burn so clean. I don’t care if they are ‘for blokes‘ – I am always crossing the boundaries and love to use a lot of male fragrances too. Smoulder Wolf have created a great product here of supreme quality – very rich and very classy.

Smoulder Wolf - candle

*all opinions are my own.