Skincare Routine du Jour

There are some beauty products that are basics that you always go back to, no matter how experimental you are with your skin care routine.

One such product for me is Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, in every version be it limited edition or classic, it smells amazing and leaves your skin soft, sumptuous and plump. I am currently using the grapefruit and patchouli limited edition version with a muslin cloth. I have very sensitive eyes and this gentle cream cleanser can be used over the eye area and does not sting. Very thorough and very gentle.

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic is also a staple, floral-scented and more importantly alcohol-free, this is a joy to use and soothes the senses.

Skincare Routine Du Jour

However, there are some beauty products that sometimes grab you and resonate with you so much so that you are willing to give them a try. One such brand for me is NIOD (non invasive options in dermal science) from the parent company DECIEM.

Unlike any brand I have ever been attracted to before , as I usually go for pretty packaging and essential oils, this product range looks different but in a good way – it means business, is professional and more importantly works.

I saw the Co-CEO of the company, the beautiful and knowledgeable Nicola Kilner, demonstrating the products. She never stops smiling, is so enthusiastic and translates something that may seem at first blush ‘complex’ into sheer simplicity and believe me when I say – this range truly is easy to use. I am on round two of the copper amino isolate serum (CAIS), multi molecular hyaluronic complex (MMHC) and the hydration vaccine (HV).

The products are a joy, the textures are unlike anything you have ever used before due to the incredibly low viscosity of the CAIS and MMHC, they sink into the lowest depths of the skin and do not sit on top of the skin. Radiance ahoy!

The HV is the ‘sealant’ and assists with any dehydration actively to build your skins water content. Younger looking skin beckons! This brand is one to watch.