Green, Aquatic & Citrus

I have always loved green, aquatic and citrus fragrances. Often described as individual and bold or crisp and lively, one thing is for sure the spectrum of fragrances falling into this category are increasingly sophisticated with new developments and techniques which means they can be softer, ozonic even subtle with a musky and sensual dry down.

One of my favourite classic fragrances is Chanel No 19, a beautiful concoction of floral and green notes with the legendary rose de mai (May Rose) and iris. It is a chypre but the dry down is muskier with the sensual, woody vetiver. I love to layer my fragrances on top of body creams scented with the same beautiful fragrance and Chanel No 19 body cream is rich and silky and leaves your skin so soft. The scent, when sprayed on top, lasts and lasts and wafts gently as you move throughout the day.IMG_0189Another love of mine, and a long-standing re-purchase, is Maison Martin Margiela Untitled. Galbanum, citrus, incense, cedar and jasmine. I distinctly remember it’s release into stores and nonchalantly walking past the pop up and having a little spritz which turned into an obsession a few days later when I popped on the pashmina I had worn on that day and the scent wafted up. I HAD to buy the fragrance and I have been wearing it ever since.

I was fortunate enough to go to one of the beautiful workshops with Josephine Fairley (via The Perfume Society) on How to improve your sense of smell and I proudly took Untitled ( a nearly empty bottle) as my fragrance of choice to show to the group, to pass around so others could share in its wonder and appreciate just what a beautiful scent it is.IMG_0191Bleu Paradis by Terry de Gunzburg is fresh, aquatic, ozonic and a stunning summer selection. Terry de Gunzburg has created some of the most extraordinarily unique and beautiful niche fragrances (in my opinion). You could easily fall in love with any of them. The bottles are such quality, heavy glass and simple aesthetics but it is the juice inside that exudes quality and individuality. Bleu Paradis has musk and amber in the base notes so the dry down is phenomenal on the skin, so elegant.IMG_0190